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We are here to help you ensure you have all the funding you are entitiled to and support you in managing your finances so you can plan ahead and avoid any unforeseen issues. If you find yourself in a financial crisis our Advice Workers can put you in touch with expert services and help you make a plan of action, putting you in control of your finances. 

If you want to learn to drive, buy a holiday or leave BU without a maxed out overdraft we can help you achieve this. Our Advice Workers can support you over a week, month, academic year or until you leave BU to help you stay on track.


Universal Credit 

Universal Credit is a monthly payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income or out of work.

You cannot usually get Universal Credit if you’re studying full-time, however here are some exceptions.

You may be able to get Universal Credit if you’re studying full-time and any of the following apply:

  • You’re aged 21 or under, in full-time non-advanced education and do not have parental support
  • you’re responsible for a child
  • you live with your partner and they’re eligible for Universal Credit
  • you’ve reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit and live with a partner who is under that age
  • you’re disabled and have limited capability for work and are getting:
    • Personal Independence Payment
    • Disability Living Allowance
    • Attendance Allowance
    • Armed Forces Independence Payment

Please see the government information on Universal Credit for more information: