Being a Student Rep

Student Reps volunteer their time to help make university life the best it can be by collecting feedback from their students and sharing it with the university.


There are between 600-700 fully trained Student Reps ready to collect feedback on the entire student experience. There should be approximately 1 Student Rep for every 20 students and they are there to represent their cohorts views throughout the year.


Their role is collect it, represent it, share it.


1. Reps talk to their students to collect feedback about ALL issues impacting the student experience.  Reps record this feedback on SimOn - the simple online feedback tool.


2. They then use this to represent the collated student views at relevant University meetings and work with staff to create positive change.


3. Share with their students & SUBU what’s happened as a result of giving this feedback.



A small election will be held within your course at the beginning of every year, so make it known that you would like to be a Student Rep! Don’t worry it’s nothing scary and it’s usually done within your seminar.


  • Gain transferable skills like public speaking, diplomacy, leadership, and more
  • Capture these skills in the SUBU Leadership Award, boosting your CV
  • Having a real impact on student life at BU
  • Have fun and make friends along the way
  • Full training before you start the role…and a free hoodie



"As a Student Rep you’ll only need to attend a few meetings throughout the academic year. The rewarding feeling you get giving feedback and raising issues that affect your fellow students will help you strive to achieve more in your role."

Kelly Lovelock, Faculty of Health and Social Science