Student Reps use a simple tool to collect your feedback. 

Gaining your feedback is essential to Student Reps. Reps are trained to talk to the students they represent throughout the year to get their feedback on their experience.  They record this feedback on SimOn, the simple online tool.

This is means that feedback from all Reps and their students across the university is collected in one place.  Reps use the output from SimOn and represent it to the university so the university can keep doing what works well for students and make the student experience the best it can be.

SUBU as your Students’ Union also uses the feedback to represent the student voice across all levels of BU.

It’s vital that everyone speaks to their Rep to ensure their voice is heard.  Your Reps should use SimOn with you but if not, you can use it yourself.  Watch the video below to find out how best to give your feedback:



To use SimOn please click HERE.