Star status means Clubs and Societies have gone above and beyond to create an accessible, collaborative and engaging community for their members. Members joining a 3/4/5* club or society can expect a high level of service with regular activities, giving them real experiences and opportunities to aid their personal and professional development.

See the Clubs and Societies requirements for gaining 3, 4 & 5* status below.

Each star grading category has a number of benefits included such as grant funding, promotion from SUBU, preferetial placing at Freshers and Re-Freshers fair and guest list opportunities at TOFS.

5* CLUB OF THE YEAR – This award will be presented at the SUBU Awards 2024 and has been determined by the 5* Grading scheme which has allocated points for Club and Society participation in a range of activity. This award is not open to nomination and its recipient will be determined by the Society with the highest number of points by 19/04/2024. 


Rank Society Points Star Status
1st Surf Club 577
2nd Dance Society 540
3rd Ballroom & Latin Dance Society 515
4th Threads Society 514
5th African Caribbean Society 395
6th Iris LGBTQ+ Society 305
7th Bournemouth Appreciation Society 303
8th Improvisation Society  301
9th Gaming Society 280
10th Women In STEM Society 270
11th Climbing Club 229
12th Cocktail & Mocktail Society 221

Submissions are Now CLOSED for 23/24


Widening Access and Participation is all about trying to change Higher Education through equality of access and opportunity. The aim is to offer opportunities to groups who are under-represented in Higher Education (HE). This template is designed for committees of Clubs and Societies to play their part and to proactively think about what they can do to work with SUBU in fulfilling our Widening Participation aims. Completion is MANDATORY for 4 and 5* Grading.


The Development Plan template is used as part of the Star Grading system to outline your plans to improve and grow your society. Development Plans are MANDATORY for the completion of 5* Grading.


Use this guide to help you plan your engagement within SUBU's Liberation Networks. Engaging with Liberation Networks is a key part of completing your 5* Grading application.


Standard Club Requirements  
All registered committee members have signed the club's constitution.  
All registered committee members have purchased their memberships online- even where this is free.  
All main committee members completed the compulsory Clubs and Societies training.  
Your club holds a positive bank balance.  
Your SUBU website page is up to date including an accurate and relevant Club description, current meeting times and events.  
3* Club Requirements. All of the above and...  
Your club has held meetings at least once a month that ALL of your members were invited to.  
Your club has an up-to-date social media profile and it is linked to your SUBU website page.  
Your equipment officer or equivalent has submitted a record of all equipment owned by SUBU.  
Your club/ society has at least 15 paid members (including your committee members).  
Your club/ society has collaborated on an event or activity with another SUBU society.  
(Academic Societies ONLY) Your society has been in touch with your course rep and/or course leader.  
Your club/ society has held at least 1 event on Lansdowne Campus.  
4* Club Requirements. All of the above and...  
Your club has organised at least 2 social events termly, one of which must be non-alcohol focused (this can be done online).  
Your club has engaged in Democracy by attending and participating in at least one SUBU Summit.  
Your club has held a fundraising event for either yourselves or a charity of your choice (this can be done online).  
You have sent in a photo/ video/ quote to the Student Opportunities Team to use for promotional purposes.
Your club/ society has promoted at least 2 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through your events, campaigns, fundraising or volunteering.  
Your club has volunteered as a group for an organisation/ cause of your choice. (This is in reference to a group volunteering activity available through the Volunteering Hub or independently organised by your Society and excludes Fundraising activities).  
You have submitted a widening access policy (template can be found under useful information on the committee zone).  
5* Club Requirements. All of the above and...  
Your committee submitted a Development Plan to Student Opportunities regarding your future plans and opportunities and any potential challenges (see Useful Information for Template).  
Your society has engaged with at least one Liberation Network/Liberation month (see Liberation Network Guide for more information).  
Your society/club has communicated with VP Opportunities, either through emails or a meeting, or invited them to a society event.