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If you are Club or Society looking to volunteer you have come to the right place!


  • The first thing you need to do as President is register your Club/Society as a volunteer. To do this click here.
  • Please remember to adjust the drop down menu under Profile from ‘I am a … ‘Student’ to ‘I am a...... Club/Society’, and please use your Club/Society email address and password.
  • It is best if you tick all boxes in the Areas of Interest and Activities fields so that you see all new volunteering roles as they come in, but it is up to you if you choose to be more selective.
  • Remember to tick the box stating that you want to receive weekly Email Updates.
  • Your Club/Society will then be signed up as a volunteer and you will receive a weekly email listing new volunteering opportunities.
  • If you are an Events Officer, or any other Committee Member you can also register as a volunteer to receive weekly emails of new volunteering roles, but please use your personal/student email address, and your own password. This is so that Clubs/Societies are not double registered.


  • Browse Opportunities here or have a look through the weekly Email Updates to see if there are any volunteering roles that look interesting.
  • Once you have identified a volunteering role that you would like to involve your Club/Society in, the President should apply using the Club/Society volunteer profile.
  • You will then need to pass on the role details to your members and ask them to apply (if not already registered as a volunteer they will first need to register using the ‘I am a Student’ dropdown and their personal/student email addresses).
  • This is because, while some volunteering roles such as beach cleans or Christmas hamper wrapping are organised by SUBU, most roles on our hub are advertised directly by charities and they will need to know the names of those volunteering, ask volunteers to complete application processes etc.

Going forwards, as a charity posts a role suitable for a large number of volunteers at once we will send this out to all Clubs and Societies for their information.

If you are creating your own volunteering event, come to us and we will put it up on the volunteering hub so that your members can apply. This will make it easier for you to track who came, and for all to record the event. Come to us and we will give you a tutorial on this.


  • Once your Club/Society has undertaken the volunteering,  the President needs to record the total number of hours volunteered by all members. Simply add the Community Volunteering Project Role for which your Club/Society has volunteered, and fill out the details.
  • Please also ask your members to record their hours and skills individually here. This is so that they have a personal record of their volunteering to add to their CV (and see the Benefits of Volunteering page as to why this is important).
  • There are FAQs on our main volunteering site, but please drop in to see us on the second floor of the student centre if you get stuck, or send an email to