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New Society Registration

If you want to set up a club, society or network it's as simple as completing the above form and we'll take it from there. But if you want to know more then please read below!


What is a student Club or Society?

Clubs, societies are mini organisations run by students for students! Some student societies are started with a specific purpose in mind, some are created to deliver a particular message to other students, some are designed to facilitate sporting activity and some are started purely for fun and socialising.

Starting a student society can be a great way to meet new people, have some fun and boost your CV. 

Here’s our guide to starting a student club or society!

Committee Positions 5 (3 mandatory, 2 optional)
Given Email Address Yes
Given Bank Account Yes
Funding Available Yes
Membership Fee Required Yes
Constitution Signing Yes
Free Campus Space Yes
Full SUBU Support Yes


Start A Club

Get An Idea

Ok, this may sound a bit obvious, but it’s essential that your society is fresh, original and unique. You can’t just start another football society if one already exists. You’ll need to decide on the society’s name, its purpose, its main initiatives and the events and activities that you intend to provide.

One thing to remember when you’re developing your idea is that your society proposal must be approved by your university’s student union. Therefore, a society known to be inherently high risk or extremely dangerous might not get accepted!

Appoint your Dream Team

Choose a bunch of your fellow students to take on important roles as part of your society’s committee.

For clubs and societies you will require 3 people to fill the mandatory committee roles (President, Treasurer, Secretary/Comms) to apply to start a club or society. Many clubs or societies add another 2 committee roles (Health and Saftey and Equipment). These must be made up of at least 60% BU students - meaning that at least the first 3 positions must be filled by a BU student. However you can have affiliate members (e.g. AUB students), staff, or alumni (up to 3 years) on the final couple of positions.

Apply To The Students Union

All clubs and societies must adhere to the following criteria. Before you go any further, make sure that your proposed idea is able to meet these requirements;

  • All SUBU clubs/ societies must have a minimum of 15 fully paid members (including committee members) to operate.
  • No club should have a membership base that consists of more than 50% of associate members.
  • All SUBU clubs/ societies must have at least one active social media platform to engage with their members.
  • All SUBU clubs/ societies should hold at least one meeting with their members each month.

Right at the top of the page you'll see "New Society/Network Registration" this has a link that will take you to our Club, Society or Network registration form. Submit this form to progress to the next step.

To Infinity And Beyond

People will have joined up for a reason, so you need to give them what they want.

Running your own society is a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely worth it! It can look great to potential employers and can give you immense personal satisfaction. Hopefully, when you eventually leave university, somebody else will continue to run the society and carry on the legacy that you have left behind!

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