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Speak Week


Speak Week took place from the 25th of February to the 1st of March. This was your opportunity to Speak Up about your time at BU.

Running across five days and five themes, your Full Time Officers asked for your feedback on different issues that they are working on, to ensure that your student experience is the best it can be.

 Here’s what we got up to:


Here’s what’s happened with the feedback that you gave last time:


You said: The barriers you faced when joining clubs and societies were communication and financial.

This happened: Lea has been working with the activities department who have created ‘how to’ videos to make joining clubs and societies easier. Lea is asking a follow up question this Speak Week to find out more about the financial barriers that students face.



You said: In a study space that is open 24 hours a day you would like access to computers, Wi-Fi, printing, communal working spaces and access to refreshments.

This happened: Lenny is now working with the university to improve the 24 hour study spaces that students have accesses to.



You said: That when you needed help you would go to variety of services to access support, these included Academic Advisors, SUBU Advice and Faculty Staff.

This happened: Brad is now holding focus groups to find out more about this with the aim to improve signposting so every student gets the support they need.



You said: A housing/accommodation issue that you face is around your housemates.

This happened: Abidemi has since organised a ‘Find a Housemate’ event on the 25th of February to help students overcome this issue. The event will help students find housemates, and help them with any issues they may have.



You said: You wanted cultural events at BU

This happened: Ade wants to ensure that every student is represented at BU so he has been working with Activities department to ensure that the annual One World Festival which is taking place on the 5th of March is bigger and better than ever.


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