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Welcome to the ideas platform. This is a place where you can submit an idea for change as well as voting and commenting on other students ideas. The more votes and comments a post gets the more likely it’ll be taken to the SUBU Summit or Student Member’ meeting where students will vote whether to adopt the idea as Union Policy. 



Your ideas can be about anything, from big structural changes to small amendments. They can call for change from within SUBU, BU or the wider community.  Your ideas can be action based such as asking the Union to lobby the university on a specific issue or ideological such as supporting a specific group. Prior to every meeting of the SUBU Summit and Student Members' meeting the SUBU Summit Chair goes through all your ideas and decides which ones should be developed into motions and taken to the meetings. Motions are discussed and debated and a final vote is then taken. If approved these motions then become Union Policy. You can find out more about Union Policy, as well as viewing the current list of live policies here.


When submitting your idea be sure to include the following information in the description:

1. What you think the problem is- this should include background information including facts, figures and research

2. What you think the solution is- this is the large scale changes that need to happen and the specific steps that you think need to be taken 

3. Which Full-Time Officer you think should lead on it

4. What other student groups you think should be involved in this work



Once you have submitted your idea one of the team will be in touch to invite you in to discuss your ideas!

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    Create a fund to support trans students

      Trans students often have a mass of expenses associated with transitioning, from having to replace an entire wardrobe, to having to pay large fees for trains to travel to GIC (Gender Identity Clinic) appointments, and paying for all sorts of other things to aid in their transition. Often university is the first place people are able to explore their gender identities, but these additional costs can make people struggle financially. Furthermore trans students are often more at risk of poverty. Especially in the absence of access to gender affirming care it is also known that trans individuals have 10 times the chances of mental health issues and severely increased risk of suicide. Therefore, gender affirmation is a necessity for the fact that it can lower these risks intensely and should not be restricted due to the costs, especially when university only adds to student expense. Items such as breast forms can cost large amounts upwards of £50-60 and binders may cost over £30-40, for many students this makes these necessary purchases a stress on people's wallets many simply cannot afford, severely impacting student wellbeing, and as a result, decreased academic performance as well. My proposed solution to help aid this is based off of what some other universities offer for trans students to support them, in funding some aspects of their transition. The proposal for this is that BU or SUBU create a Gender Expression Fund, similar to Oxford and Warwick that trans identifying students can apply to for funding towards transgender expression needs, and agree an allocation of money per year in this that can go towards the students needs. Researching for this policy I have discovered a number of universities already have these available, and BU is behind, this is a way BU can ensure trans students are better supported going forward. I believe the best implementation of this is to use other university Gender Expression Funds as a template to bring to SUBU and BU, with an allocation per year towards trans identifying students access needs, with students being able to claim back either a flat amount or a percentage of purchases total cost towards travel to gender identity clinics, and for purchases of gender affirming products e.g. binders, packers, breastforms, etc. By having the uni cover say 50% of purchases up to a price point, trans students at BU could much easier access healthcare and facilities that can support their comfort and safety at BU. This would need to be something students can access anonymously as well in order to protect those who are not able to be out of the closet safely. The VP Welfare & Community should work on this project. Additionally the support of the current Trans and Nonbinary officer to advise on the specific needs to make this appropriately setup for the students who need it. Leon Cambray (they/them), s5225157.
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