SUBU exists to make student life better and Clubs & Societies Committee Members are fundamental to this. They lead on specific aspects of how we are run and can have a real impact on all students, so what are you waiting for?

A club or society consists of five elected committee members who are the leadership team for the society members. These members are a group of like-minded individuals with the same interests in a particular area such as a hobby or a sport, a profession or career, a culture or faith for example. The club or society is a place where students pay a fee to become a member and will come together to build friendships, take part in activities together and, in some cases, compete in competitions. Your committees lead a club or society, creating a safe space for you to feel part of a community.

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Download the Clubs & Societies Election Handbook Here


The Mandatory Club and Society Committee Roles are:


President                       Secretary                    Treasurer

The Optional Club and Society Committee Roles are:


Health & Safety          Equipment


Key Dates

Applications Open

9th January 10:00am

Applications Close

16th January 23:59pm

Candidate List Published 

18th January 17:00pm

Voting Open

20th January 10:00am

Voting Close

25th January 16:00pm

Results Announced Online

27th January 17:00pm


How Does Voting Work?

Voting will take place online via the SUBU website. SUBU uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system which provides voters with much more choice and influence. STV means that candidates do not need to win a majority but instead must reach a quota/proportion of the vote. The quota is determined by the number of votes cast and the number of positions to be filled. For roles where there is only one position available the quota is half the total number of votes cast + 1.
When voting, students select their candidates in order of preference and are able to vote for as many or as few as they like. When the voting has closed, Candidates are excluded if it is impossible for them to reach the quota, their votes are then transferred in order of preference, which ensures that fewer votes are wasted.

Regulations and Complaints

All SUBU elections should be free and fair, which is why we have rules which govern our elections. You can find out more about election regulations and submit an elections complaint here.

View the Regulations Here

Submit a Complaint Here

Returning Officer: Emma Davies (Student Opportunities Manager, SUBU)